Declare to Make Mac MenuItems behave like Windows?

I’m on macOS 12.7.2 using Xojo 2019r1.1… (don’t know when or if default Xojo mac MenuItem behavior changed)

I am writing an app that needs to be x-platform Mac/Win

While I don’t recall if it has always been true in my testing today on the Mac a MenuItem with subitems can still be chosen when one uses straightforward Xojo code

Bur Not so on windows where you can’t chose the parent item but can accesses it’s children.

In this case the parent item may or may not bend to be selctable le depending on situation, but in either case the submenu items MAY (or may not) be selectable so one still needs to be able to go down the tree regardless…

On Windows how to handle that is simple :

MenuItem 1
MenuItem 2 >  MenuItem 2 
              MenuItem 3
              MenuItem 4 >

Where the parent MenuItem 2 is not selectable but active (it’s children can be reached) and the MenuItem 2 in the submenu may or may not be enabled (choosable).

The default Mac behavior I see is that the parent Menuitem2 is choseable, and disabling it means you can’t get at the it’s subitems!!!

So the only way I can se to get the behavior I need (without useable being able to chose something tha would not have an effect) is if there is a declare that would make the parent item not selectable, but still allow opening it’s submenu as on Windows.

I seem to recall that there was such a declare at one time but I can’t seem to find it…

Is there one?


There must be one, since the Apple HIG say a submenu should not be selectable. Xojo’s behaviour is wrong.
Do you have the MBS plugins?

No I don’t,

  • Karen