DateTimePicker position changes from IDE to run

I line up the DateTimePicker control in the IDE:

Lined up in IDE

but when I run it then the position moves down a few pixels:

Not lined up when compiled

Anyone else seeing this?

(and I have informed Björn about the strange spacing issues)

Yes, I’m also getting that. For now, I just put ThePicker.Top=ThePicker.Top-5 in the open event, but that’s definitively a bug.

Mike Cotrone shared images for a DateTime Control in TOF:

very nice and… Open Source !

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Looks like mine are right at least. But you are not using NSSearchFieldControlMBS?

Well spottet - oversight on my part.

Someone dragged out the old WFS code an updated it and that also gives a different date picker than the Xojo one
And its JUST declares into Win32 so its really hard to say its wrong