Datepicker standards

Is there a “standard” or “expected” way to mark these 2 items on a datepicker that shows a month:

  1. The current date
  2. The selected date

Possible indicators:
A square around the day (black? red? other?)
A filled day, or inverted color day or different color text or bold or something?

eg. If you saw this, would you think today is the 1st or 6th?

Look at the native control in the OS ![image|327x253]Windows:

Current: 13
Selected: 8


Thanks, Ivan. Couldn’t find one on MacOS. :wink:

Here is what it looks like in Apple’s on macOS 11 (Today: 13, Selected: 22):

How’d you get that tiny version of the calendar? Mine is full-size!

Add a new event, then change the date of the event :slight_smile:

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