Dataless files - Gulp

The system, or a person using the device, can make dataless files whenever they determine it’s appropriate, and your app needs to be ready to handle them. Specifically, avoid unnecessarily materializing dataless files and, when your app requires access to a file’s contents, perform that work asynchronously off the main thread.

Ugly. Very ugly bags of mostly not-data!

(Apologies for the Star Trek reference).

Reading further into the TN, it seems like utilizing NSDocument will solve it. In 2015 I filed a feedback, asking Xojo to support NSDocument, Geoff even said they should at some point.

I guess this is another reason to look at alternative developer tools than Xojo as I don’t expect Xojo will support NSDocument until it’s already too late.

2015 - that was about yesterday on Xojo Inc’s timescale. It will be released right after grid control :upside_down_face:

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