DataFlow - visual editor like Xojo, for web apps?

I’ve just run, through a Twitter post, into this:

At first sight, it looks like you build small web apps with it, using a UI editor not unlike Xojo’s.

I don’t have time to look into this now, but if someone else would - let us know what you find here, please.

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The overall impression one gets is that it’s early days, docs are very thin, price reasonable, and of course web only – although since they are using Electron they may have ambitions to go with (web-ish looking) desktop targets. Lots of hopefuls in this space and the problem is, you become dependent on them and then they either go away or lurch in a new direction.


“DataFlow is a crossplat application. We are using ReactJS and Electron.”

“DataFlow is a young project, we fix bugs and add new features every day, then put them together in a new update released at the end of week/month. If you want to request a new feature, please submit a request on our issue tracker.”

Installer experience is bad. Runing the app does nothing but “loading…”

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