Dana is leaving

Did I say that here or somewhere else (can’t find the post), but I predicted that there would be another employee leaving this year. There is one more employee who I don’t think will last much longer, I know it is a tough choice for them.

I wish Dana all the best in her new job and I’m sad to find that both she and Alyssa had unfriended me on social media. I thought I had a good relationship with those two lasses, but perhaps it was all based upon me being a supporter of Xojo, sad face.



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Team page on Xojo website is gone.

‘Careers’ page says:

Please direct any hiring questions to our Employment Team.

Sounds like there is a well-staffed department for hiring in place. Or is it just a one-man show?


was there an extra “L” in that sentence? :smiley:

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Good. The person who banned users and locked/deleted threads is gone. Very ironic. #karma

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I guess they want to hide the implosion.

Why ironic? Why karma? She was doing her job. It doesn’t mean that it was what she wanted to do.


It’s ironic that the marketing person actively pushed customers away.

All to suppress speaking about about bugs.

It’s karma that she’s out just like the banned people.

So was she fired? If so, and that was because of sales decline, she is being scapegoated IMO.

If there has been a significant decline in sales, IMO it has more to do with how Geoff has managed the product itself, rather than it’s marketing.

(All that is assuming Dana did not have a lot of input into the technical direction of the product)

  • Karen

From what little we know there’s no way to know if she was fired or just quit for a new position elsewhere

Being the marketing person CAN’T have been easy with so many of the changes

But, she is leaving for whatever reason
It will be interesting to see if they replace her or not
Guess we’ll see

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No way was she fired. Geoff put up an announcement. Greg got an announcement. She’s leaving to do something else. Norman and I didn’t get an announcement.


Neither did Joe Ranieri and he left on his own as far as I know.


As she is still there I agree she was not… The way Hal phrased things it sounded to me like he may have had some information that implied it.

I have seen announcements like that at places I have worked for people that were fired.

  • Karen

Sorry for any confusion. I only know what has been publicly stated and I was just guessing.

I’m also guessing that the budget might be getting tighter. Time will tell.

If you think what your manger wants you to do is improper, indecent or even criminal, don’t do it, leave the job. Don’t stay for 17 years.

Yeah I don’t think there is anything to read into here. She’s just ready for something else. The only question in my mind is wether a replacement will be hired, or Alyssa will take over the job.

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No idea but it seems possible
Supposedly they’ve hired someone to do documentation
No announcement of that
No new person listed on the Xojo team
So - who knows ?

ja… when such prominent and widely seen face disappear without any “thank you for your 17 years of services, we wish you well” and without introducing a new person for this position… well then something happend in a unprofessional way.

I wouldn’t blame her for blocking, she tried to be loyal and reached a breaking point.

However… we are wishing her a hopefully better new job, better company and better CEO, where she can develop and show her talents.


Tough job, managing a posting Genius in an X company.

Just gone through a Cat 4 Typhoon today and finally have power back.

Dana and I have spoken, she explained to me what happened to various social media accounts and that she and Alyssa hadn’t cut me off specifically. I’d assumed that when I went to wish her well in her new job and was not connected, and because I’ve let me feeling be known about the CEO of Xojo.