Curved or Flat monitor for programming

Flat or curved monitor for programming?

I want to get a new, big, hi-res monitor for programming, just curious whether curved is better?

I still prefer multiple large hi res flat monitors


Biggest issue I have with a giant curved is that it actually doesnt seem to afford “more space”
The one I have s slightly older so its only 1440 tall - so its literally shorter than everything else I have
But newer ones have much higher rez

Watch for vertical and get one thats got lots there as well as being wide

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I use 3 Flat Monitors… 2 24" and one 32"
if I ever get some “spare change” I’’ get 2 more 32" so they all match

I usually look not for physical size (27+ is big enough) but resolution

Some have gotten dirt cheap
ASUS VP28UQG 28" Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 4K Resolution is $279 CDN
for you US folks that like … $200 $220 maybe
3 of those should be TONS

I do have one old one that might just get the boot in a bit with prices like these

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FYI… DO NOT BUY THE ViewSonic VS2210
Those are my two externals (22" not 24") they look great…
but both have some kind of a “ghost” appearing at the bottom of the screen
a gray shadow that is “leaking” in

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uh my set up isn’t there at all :stuck_out_tongue:
it borders on the chaotic evil in the lower right

Thanks, everyone. I’m just going for 1 monitor, definitely 4k, with 2 HDMI so I can connect both my Mac and PC.
I’ll check out what Costco has…

I have two Samsung U32R59x displays from Costco and LOVE them.


I refuse to buy anything from Samsung :slight_smile:
Appliances, phones, monitors, you name it

for use service is so costly, or impossible to get with anything made by Samsung (regardless of whose label is on it) that our local service co refuses
so we do too

Maytag made by Maytag - no problem
Maytag made by LG - no problem

Only things made by Samsung have this issue

Lawful evil. Too many other devices on the sides.

what arrangement says on my set up

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 11.46.25 AM

uh … screwball ?

or just too damned lazy / cheap to go get another monitor to match the one on the right :man_shrugging:

I wish I could exclude my MBP screen as in turn it off when plugged into external displays. There’s a terminal command but it’s not pretty or simple as it requres rebooting in between.

close the lid ?
that used to remove it as a display since it wasn’t powered on

I guess I should try that. Thanks!

I’ve never considered that because I always thought it would run too hot.

You know that usually if you buy from Costco, they double the manufacturer’s warranty and you can return it directly to them. (I also add another year by paying via credit card)
Does anyone repair anything anymore?

I don’t see that model. Could it be a “LU32R591CWNXZA”?"-class-ur59-series-4k-uhd-curved--monitor.product.100512595.html

Seems curved 4k monitors are not easy to find! I kinda feel like I want a curved one.
Lots of ultra-wide ones for big bucks, but a regular 16:9 4k UHD is pretty scarce!