Creating a Java web app in NetBeans

For those interested

Creating a web app in Netbeans

This is a JSP Servelet App. Also possible. There is the Play framework, also worth of looking on it. Mana variants for writing WebApps in Java. The most comfortable one is Vaadin. But also Wicket framework apps, Grails, Struts and GWT are really nice running frameworks for Java WebApps. Java so has many ways for the web. If the application shall run on Desktop and the Web there is also the JavaFX framework together with JPRO. Only write one application in JavaFX and run it on both: Desktop and Web with the JPro Server which brings the JavaFX Application in the Web.

But at the end: a clean Web App is possible in much more ways with Java. One recommendation is GWT with realy good documentations and a clear structure behind. And Vaadin with a broad functionality. I am by self a frient of Java Server faces, the third preferred way writing Java Web Apps showed in the video above.

A small side information: maven is not for Netflix only but also for IntelliJIdea and for Eclipse. With the maven project you collect all project dependencies for the project with a mouseclick and the system behind build up your application.

Always needed for building web: a little bit of knowledge about html (except JPRO Aplications which are also the only ones where a drag and drop UI Designer (Scenebuilder) is avalable for designing the JavaFX Application running later as is in the JPRO Server. For Open Source projects without upfront costs also for testing it costs: nothing.

The good site of Java implementations is definitely the available ecosystem behind Java which is not comparable with Xojo. And the application speed. Java is really optimized and has MultiThreading in it’s best culture. Even there Java innovates.

The performance and also the capabilities are the most valuable arguments. To learn Java is not while learning a new programming language needs time. But it can be done.