Convert PDF text to outlines with MBS DynaPDF Plugin

A long term project came to delivery just before Christmas 2020:

DynaPDF got a new feature to convert texts to outlines. And it’s just a new flag for the Optimize function: ConvTextToOutlines.

The benefit of this conversion is that you can send the PDF to a printer shop and be sure that it will look exactly as you need. No font trouble, no missing fonts and no font rendering issues.

Please note that the process is not reversible. Once the text is converted, the text is gone. Just the look of the text stays, so you need OCR to convert it back to text. Copy & Paste is not possible for outlines, but for some uses this may be desired.

To show you what outlines means, we made this picture:

Based on our GlyphOutline example, we made a variations, which would change color for each line in drawing a character. This way you see the individual segments.

Please contact us if you have questions about DynaPDF, especially when using it with Xojo projects. This feature is available free of charge for all customers with a DynaPDF Pro license valid at least till 23rd December 2020 to include version For MBS plugins, we included it in pr4 and will ship final plugins in January.

Learn more about our MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin
Create, import and modify PDF files on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Includes PDF split and merge, fonts embedding and text extraction.

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pretty cool Christian - we could use this real nicely if the outlines are then vectors? We are converting i/o via DynaPDF various machine vecotrs and it would be great to support outlining fonts

DynaPDF takes the text, lookups up the font outline and then converts text to vector graphics.
You can try it!

Canvas, from Deneba Software, long time ago had that feature:
a text can be converted to vector and saved in a vector graphics file with the other vector graphics (eventually)…

I think that software (as well as Deneba Software) disappeared long time ago, but I still have the PPC version.