Convert binary projects to XML

Like @tempelorg I also have a ton of projects in various states

This one converts binary projects to XML

Its a command line tool so can/could be used as a helper for another process that reads XML projects


How do you handle the mapping from the 4-char codes to the proper XML names? Since Xojo always adds new codes, in Arbed I eventually used a user-editable text file with the mappings. I guess your cmdline tool has them hard-coded and needs to be updated occasionally?

The list is basically “fixed” unless they add new ones
And since its all source code thats easy enough to update

The only time this would be tricky is if they repurpose one from API 1 to API 2 and then I’d have to create a “converter” class for each API that makes it possible to switch back and forth

Still not rocket science though

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sorry the download link is broken, the betas links work ok

Thank you. I’ve fixed this by changing the http: links to https:
The same problem likely exists on all my other pages on that site. Sigh.