Controls at runtime with XojoScript


what Jury wants to do with controls at runtime probably violates the EULA

You agree not to create an application that, as its primary purpose, provides your application’s end user with access to XojoScript and/or the ability to directly (or indirectly through a simple wrapper) call functions in the Xojo framework. Such software creation is strictly prohibited and would therefore be a violation of this End User License Agreement. If you have any doubts, contact Xojo, Inc.

There is a lot you can do with XojoScript with decent planning

may be… even with xojoscript don’t know if he will be able to manage that ?
isn’t it enough to have an about box “made with xojo” to be cleared ?

only when it doesn’t violate any specific clause in the EULA.

Originally I had started to write a BASIC->Swift IDE transpiler in XOJO… Geoff complained… I asked him to specifiy where in the most current EULA it was a violation (as I did at the time have a “MADE WITH XOJO” graphic). He couldn’t, but still was “threatening”…

Then along came API2… solved all my problems. I told Geoff to pound sand, and that project is now written (still work in progress) in Swift 5.1

I honestly dont know

BUT i can say it is certainly possible to create controls at runtime & even use XojoScript to react to the events in a control
But you HAVE to plan it to be that way

EDIT : heres a very quick & dirty example

edit II : altered to HTTPS url

@npalardy when I clic the link nothing downloads…

dont know what to say
it downloaded just fine here

anyone else having trouble ?

the link miss https:// at the beginning…
if I add it, then the download starts.

the link was set as http
I just changed it to https

FWIW this is a VERY simple example of whats possible
There is a LOT more than can be done if you plan and write code accordingly

now it works.thanks.

mention it to jury as he’s still getting less than helpful advice about what he wants to do
it IS possible
its just not always “easy” depending on how complicated you want to get