Consulting requests still open on TOF

Just FYI there are some


No Pros left?


A request is moved to public forum after 2 weeks or so.
So Pro licensees get it first, but others can get it later.


So really no Pros left?


what are you expecting in this case? Nobody wants to write a Web App with Xojo. Especially not one which somebody else wrote and now gives away for development. I guess this has also to do with it and not only that there are no pros left.

No. Every request now goes public after 2 weeks.
Pros just get a chance to contact the client earlier.

Pro licenses <> Professionals. Many citizen users are forced to take that license because they need a certain feature not available in the lower licenses. Doesn’t mean they are a possible candidate to take up an external job.


Germans have no sense of humour … :wink:

Propose the company to write it using some other tool.

Unfortunately, they do not give time frame for the software…

I think they introduced the two week thing a few months ago, probably because people were no longer responding to some posts on the consulting channel either because they’ve “left” or downgraded their licences.

Pretty sad when folks don’t want to take paying Xojo jobs. Good job Xojo!

What to expect: a customer which wrote stuff by self but has now no time to cover the problems he wrote by self. He will have some beginners bugs and all the mojo framework bugs where he does not know that they are terrifying him somehow. That is taking a Job from a Xojo Customer. I does it once and at the end I rewrote for him in Java while it was less complex. Not only because the framework but also because the framework errors and Bugs. Especially Mysql.

I don’t reply to these offers mainly because they are on US market.
not long ago there was one in France, so I answered it the next day.
I was replied no thanks because there are a lots of peoples answering already !
so there are still people answering these requests.

possibly yes.

From my experience there were a people responding but they were relatively inexperienced Xojo developers and were doing it as a side-gig so their rates were pretty cheap. You get it done right, on-time, or cheap. Pick 2 of those.

Before I went and got a full-time job the number of leads dwindled a lot. I answered practically every one of them. And then the pandemic hit and I was SO happy I got a full time job.


This never used to occur
Any idea why the change ?

“Why a Pro when a Citizen ‘Part Time’ Developer will do”?

After all “will do” seems to be the attitude for offerings like Xojo Web, Xojo iOS, Xojo Linux, Xojo Windows, new controls (MapLocation, Date) etc … I just don’t see them striving for quality anymore :cry:

I have no idea
I saw this

It’s why I ask Christian - maybe they let MVP’s know ?
Although it’s possible they arent allowed to say either :man_shrugging:

Seems a curious change and possibly one spurred by not getting responses to the postings on the Pros channel ? Or I’m sure folks can dream up all kinds of other reasons that would seem equally plausible

I wasnt realloy trying to stir controversy just making sure that folks the read INN also saw these

I’m way too damned busy to take any more on

EDIT : for those of you curious no its not all Xojo work :stuck_out_tongue:

The change is good since it brings more visibility of those requests to more developers. Pros get them first and after 2 weeks, they get public.

Not every professional developer may have a Pro license. Like a Xojo Web developer may not need the Pro license, but just a Web one.

Generally many of these requests for assistance are low quality - I don’t know if Xojo do any checking or validation on them but of the few I have followed up on the prospective customer never responded or the request was simply unviable due to time or budgetary limits.