Connecting to MSSQL Express 2019 on Window from Mac

I have install the SQLExpress 2019 from MS on my windows machine yesterday and trying to connect to this server using window authetication. I am using MBS SQL Plugins dates Jan 2020 and using sample project ‘SQLDatabaseMBS Microsoft SQL cross platform’ from MBS.

On the window machine, i also open up the port 1444 for both inbound and outbound for TCP and UDP. And also on the SQL Server configuration, i set the TCP/IP to port 1444

i got it to work on the Window machine where the MS SQL Server is located without problem and wasn’t able to connect from the Mac.

I already install the FreeTDS from MBS download folder too by simply put the files into the folder where my project is.

i try ip address, the machine name, the ip address with the instance name, the machine name with the instance name and i always got this error. Since i am using the Window Authetication, i did not fill in user name and password.

“01000 [FreeTDS][SQL Server]Adaptive Server connection failed
08001 [FreeTDS][SQL Server]Unable to connect to data source”

has anyone use FreeTDS on the Mac and able to connect to db server on the Window??

I have never had any success using Windows Authentication from the Mac

how to change to sql server authetication after installation??

You saw blog posts:

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already look at the link, christian and try out the code but still not working…

got it working now… went to sql server management studio, select the instance, right click, properties, go to security on the left hand side and change window authetication and set it to sql server and window autehtication mode and restart the server

on the xojo side, i need to put in the user name and password

feel so stupid spending whole day yesterday and today trying out all sort of things

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