Confirmed and unfixed Xojo bugs with issue closed or 'archived'

Starting a list with unfixed bugs that have been confirmed but not fixed and a fix is unlikely to happen because the issue has been closed or ‘archived’.

The first one is ‘window.visible, #29638’.
The bug report has been posted in September 2013 and can be considered as orphaned (account owner has moved on).

Just verified - this bug is present in 2022r2 on macOS 12.6.


Please feel free to add those you find :slightly_smiling_face:

DatePicker in 24-hour mode shouldn’t show AM PM
Bug report was posted in September 2022.

This bug is present in 2022r2 on macOS 12.6.

The bot archiving our cases is a big pain.

Looks like Xojo Inc. expects us to regularly visit our cases and add a note that this is still an issue in the current version.
e.g. look for your cases, which are about 1.5 to 2 year old and add a note before they get archived, if you still care for the issue.

Haven’t seen anything like this before. Who in his right mind assumes that a bug disappeared because nobody took care of and nobody checked if it still is in the system?

Looks like this bot is a senior member of the development team. If the bot continues to deliver such great quality work, it could be promoted to Director.

I am sensing a certain lack of respect for the work Xojo’s customers have already put in finding and reporting bugs in what Xojo Inc has set up here.

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Yes, if nobody cares for 2 years, the bug will be archived.

That means within 2 years, no other user added a “me, too” comment or added more detail.
And nobody from Xojo Inc. worked on it and posted a comment.

I just spend another hour to walk through a few dozen old cases to check them.

In theory, the OP can reopen the case, so another thing we can do is if we receive an email that one of our cases was closed, is then spending the time (if we care) to review the case and see if still relevant with the latest Xojo.

Sometimes the OP is no longer interested :frowning:

Oh, so you mean “look for your cases” as “look for the cases you are interested (before they auto-archive them)”.

Yes, if you are interested in a case and you are not the OP, you can add a comment to keep that case open. If a case is closed/archived and you are not the OP, I think is better to create a new one with a sample code, if you are interested in Xojo fixing the issue, instead of trying to reopen a closed/archived case.

weirdly I dont get emails about mine
no idea why not