Codon Python compiler

Codon is a high-performance Python compiler that compiles Python code to native machine code without any runtime overhead. Typical speedups over Python are on the order of 100x or more, on a single thread. Codon supports native multithreading which can lead to speedups many times higher still.

Not all of Python’s standard library is supported yet but you can see which modules are implemented by looking in the stdlib folder on their github page.

Looks like it’s currently Linux and Mac only, I don’t know if that’s likely to change.


I noticed that product with some interest. I like Python a lot as a language, but it has to do something to free itself from the shackles of wild-west typeless design (which requires even a compiled program to check types on each and every access) and the Global Interpreter Lock (which makes it about as bad as. Xojo for most multitasking).

If Codon gets any uptake at all they would be dumb not to do a Windows version in my view, though failure to do so would probably fall into the “limiting but not fatal” scenario for its primary use cases.


Python does a really good job of multiprocessing though, even enabling you to have a preloaded pool of processes ready and waiting to be used. I’ve used that a lot and I’d be reluctant to switch to threads.

Sub-interpreters are planned for the next release ( v 3.12 ), each sub-interpreter will have its own GIL.

subprocesses are fairly heavy handed in some instances though and their start up cost can be significant

tis is NOT to say they arent useful

but being able to select which is the right for the task at hand is important so having processes & threads available is nice