Codeweavers Crossover supports B4J, B4I, B4A and B4R on Mac M1

Crossover Office lets you now install the IDE from Anywhere Software install on Mac M1 and MacOS Computers with Big Sur and Catalina OS. I have tested it and it works but it needs a few changes in it’s setup. I will write later a Tutorial for it.


Watching this keenly.

I can confirm I got the B4A and B4J working on Mac OS Monterey 12.0.1

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If you start the B4I Server on macOS with a JDK 11 on Mac you can build and simulate on MACOS for IOS with B4I. I got it running so far and that on Mac M1 CPU (Mac mini M1)

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Hello Thorsten,

thank you for this information.

I have some questions about this setup.
How is the performance from the B4X IDEs?
Is Crossover using Rosetta or is it running native?

Actually I am running the IDEs within VirtualBox VM (WIN 10) under Debian. The performance is ok when using 2 virtual CPUs with 8GB RAM. One virtual CPU can lead to lags depending on the anti virus software.

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running in parallels or virtual box is the solution I would prefer on your place.

Virtual box won’t run on my machine at all.

Crossover sounds like a great way to use B4X while on a Mac, should I buy an M1 machine.
I’ve been putting it off due to the lack of x86 virtualisation : I rely on VMWare for win7 and win10 images

Yes that it a problem but there is no guarantee for running it always. I have tested that with two configurations not more

Hi, Crossover is available in M1 native Version. It works native but Wine X86 works in Rosetta, also the X86 Applications run in Rosetta.

The only second chance is running B4x applications in parallels with Windows 11 arm and Bellsofts Liberica Full JDK for Windows Arm. That is quite fast and reliable and even much faster than Codeweavers.