Anyone have any experience with

looks interesting
cant say I have tried it

My thoughts exactly…

It’s included in my SetApp subscription. Just installed and it seems pretty neat.

On first start it opened/created an example “Hello World” script in Python. Tried to run it from within CodeRunner and it prompted me to install Python (I’ve never used Python). Downloaded and installed Python right from within CodeRunner - no taking me to a web page or anything!

The file manager (in the left pane) opens any file you select - no open dialog or anything. I can click/select files one after another and they each open in a new tab.

Has a fairly extensive list of languages (for syntax highlighting), but no type of BASIC that I could find.

But lots of options/settings. Will take some time to really learn all its features.

Anything in particular you want to know?

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Thanks, nothing in particular.
It just popped up on my Twitter feed today and I thought it looked interesting, wanted to know if anyone here knew anything about it, s’all.

Thanks for taking the time to investigate and report your findings.

Oh wait a minute, the Python Hello World application, is that a GUI or console application? Or is it more of a script?

Console script. It was one line, Print(“Hello…”).

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Not surprised
Python and UI dont seem to go together very well
And “packaged into a real mac app bundle” even less so


looks like a more specialized version of VS Code. But VS Code supports more languages.

This dev has had black friday deals each year for the past three years. I’ve been quite pleased with this app and intend to snag it this upcoming discount weekend.