Clearing out “safe developers” in MacOS

Title is confusing, but what I’m looking to find out is how, when a user has “allowed” a particular peice of software to run (in security settings) it can be revoked again.

Hopefully that makes sense?

I’d like to do this so I can test notarization repeatedly.

ah you want to know how to revoke that permission

that “permission” should just be the quarantine attribute as noted here


I had this an option in AW3, but no-one used it. I could bring it back for AW4 if people wanted.

Jebus! That’s not very easy.

I would use the hell out of that.
Every time I build a new app, I want to test it as though I’ve never seen the app or developer before (on a VM or other computer than my development machine) and it would be great if I didn’t have to go back to a previous snapshot every time.

The other way is to post it to a web server and download it , then try to open it (on the same Mac).

Is this different than other sorts of sharing (like using dropbox)? What about FTP? Can you elaborate how this resets/revokes the “safe developer” setting (or whatever it’s called)?

The computer is not intelligent enough to recognize the just downloaded application comes from your own computer (uploaded by it)…

I tried (years ago) and get this behavior.

Copying the application into a MemoryStick and installing it from there (El Capitan or lower) does not behave this way.

Can you try that with (say Big Sur) a more recent OS version ?

BTW: same apply to me on Windows… before I was able to create a sharing folder with VirtualBox. I uploaded the application to test on a Web file server and downloaded it inside my Windows 10’ runnning in VirtualBox.

The application doing the downloading has to apply this attribute. So you can build your own web browser that doesn’t, if that’s what you desired.

After a night full of sleep :wink:

I forgot one thing: that application was not signed at all (nor anything else). Fresh from a Xojo 2015r1 compile :wink:

Sorry if this does not help.