Changing color on mobileTable

I can’t figure out how to modify the background colour on mobile tables. The tint doesn’t seem to be implemented and I can’t seem to get the iOS Extensions to work.

Any advice would be appreciated

UITableview should inherit from UIView, and UIView has backgroundColor as a property.

In my RAPID transpiler prototype, that is exactly what it does, and it colors any area of the Tableview that is NOT covered by a Tablecell

Yeah the Extensions require editing to make things work again with all the renamed classes :frowning:

Is there a way to call the UIView functions. I tried super, but couldn’t get hot to work

I’ve tweaked a small handful of them to work with the various changes
But just the ones I’ve needed and stripped most of the rest out until I convert them as well

Any tips that would enable me to do this?

not anything specific that I could just write & say “oh do this and life will be happy”
it was a process of trial error and fixing up things one line of code at a time in my case until it all compiled, and then tons of debugging to get the things I was interested in working

I tried to write a subclass in iOS, but couldn’t find the base class I needed. I find iOS code in XOJO a bit confusing…

Which is why I went right to Swift, not only is it way less confusing, but its $300 less expensive, and always works with the latest Xcode (duh)

Just my opinion

I always thought you were smarter than the average bear!

and I do not steal picnic baskets BooBoo :slight_smile: