Catalina losing Dock icons

I was forced to upgrade to catalina the other day, and so far most everything seems to be ok… EXCEPT I have 5 apps on my dock that have lost their icon and reverted to the default icon. 3 of these are commercial apps (including Xojo) the other two are apps I wrote.

Anyone else see this? is it fixable?

Happens to my app occasionally, too. Haven’t found a root cause. Restarting the app usually helps.

And of course: feedback://showreport?report_id=60740

60740 - Xojo icon missing in dock

Steps: Xojo 2019r3’s icon shows fine in the dock. But the icon in the latest beta is kind of missing completely on Big Sur. See screenshot.

Closed at not reproducible. But I get reports from customers that the icon is missing occasionally.

There’s a bunch of potential reasons I see for this.

  1. Launch Services database is corrupt.
  2. Apple no longer wants .ICNS files, instead they’re going back to Resource Forks, only they call them Catalog files now.
  3. The ICNS file is missing elements that’s required for the dock. I think it’s the 128 elements, and I think Apple now favors ic07 over it32.

I wonder of repackaging the ICNS as a catalog would fix things ?

actool can be run from the cmd line :slight_smile:

ah there are new guidelines for app icons on BS

funny how things happen, I just in the last 2 days moved from 10.13 to Catalina, while there are quite a few things I do not like, including how slow it seems, the icons misbehaving is not one of them yet.

but if it does happen I will now know its not my fault.

my system ‘upgrade’ was due to getting an SSD in the iMac so the install was completely fresh as opposed to updating the original OS, in case that might make a difference.

These are commerical applications… I have no access or control over their internal resources…

Yes it does. I had a really bad experience with a 16" MacBook Pro earlier this year and Apple attributed most of the issues were down to the Migration Assistant that Apple Care knows is broken. Apple’s own advice was to do a clean install and manually move my data, re-install my apps and so on.

Which I did and for the most part it’s more reliable than the first time, but yeah there’s a ton of stuff that just stops working.

Then I’d recommend Googling how to reset Launch Services. I could have recommend “Preview Reset”, but that was a 32-Bit app and so won’t work on Catalina or newer.

App Wrapper 4 has a new icon engine, that features some templates for the new “style”.

I was really referring to the use of asset catalogs more than the other aspects but those will affect people as well

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I was advised on the other forum to use:

to rebuild the LaunchServices data base.

I hope this help with Catalina (no, I do not run it, yet).

I get good side effects, but my custom document does not have its custom icon (but funilly, if I changed the extension to json, it get my json custom document… :wink: )

So far just removing the app from the dock, and starting it again then re-pinning to the dock has seemed to work (so far)