Careful with API 2

It may not be doing what you think it should or what the docs say


File a bug for that @Norm. That’s a doozy that’ll no doubt catch others out.

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I did
And then quickly removed every usage of it from my project and went back to Val


I’m not sure what I’m more flabberghasted by - that bug or the apologists on the Xojo forum

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Sorry, I couldn’t resist

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Or by my own laziness at not having looked into this weird little bug BEFORE I used ToInteger assuming that it did indeed behave as documented

I shouldn’t have to check that the docs api’s ARE in fact behaving AS DOCUMENTED
Certainly not when things as simple as this could / should be checked
I think I’ll stick with API 1 until heel hell freezes over at this rate
It seems far too frequently that I try to use some API 2 thing and eventually i find its busted
Fool me once and all that



Not sure I’d characterize my position on API 2 as NO
I get WHAT the goal is - easier way to share code between different project types
I disagree with how its being done and the route they are taking as I see them as having limited benefits as they exist so far.


  1. it worked as described (ie/ kill all the bugs that can be easily unit tested in non-UI stuff)
  2. gave more benefit than JUST being able to copy paste code from one project type to another
  3. enabled the use of common code without having to cast to Object

then sure - it probably has some redeeming merit

I just dont think we’re there yet and it seems it may be a darned bumpy road to get there
Trying to drive at autobahn speeds when they havent finished paving is tricky and sometimes leads to problems

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This is even funnier if you are German … :joy:


test to check time