CAPP - Computer Aided Program Production

Just found this today.
It use Apache Velocity and Telosys and generate XOJO project for databases.
Have anyone heard of this??

CAPP - Computer Aided Program Production

Never heard of this until today

I found it a couple of months ago and requested a trial, but it gave me the Windows version. I emailed that I wanted the Mac version and never got a response.

it generates a bunch of xojo files, and when you open the generated project, xojo quits…

So do you think it is worth checking out???

after registering, got a email saying to confirm email and then get another email with links for windows and mac demo version and the mac community version

We had a presentation about that at a Xojo conference.


no wonder it sound so familiar.
Can you remember which year??
did he talk about it in one of the german MBS once??

the screens seems to correspond.

Thanks Jean

i select data file that has some view and some fts (full text search) and those are included when generated.

i manage to get it to work. just make sure your table use REAL instead of FLOAT. i was using FLOAT at first and the xojo code wasn’t able to open properly on XOJO.

My email only had the Windows Demo link and the Mac Community link. I responded to that email ( but got a bounce-back saying the remote server is misconfigured.

I just now tried to request a new demo, but it won’t accept it because I’m already “registered”. So I tried to send a message through their contact form, but got the same result (registration did not work)! Not sure I want to deal with this company.

I remember the demo and spending a good chunk of time talking to him at the conference. It was boilerplate code that felt was better served with something like ARGen that the developer could go and tweak later as they saw fit. I think his approach had some merit but it wasn’t the type of code that we needed for our consulting business. But, if it works for you then that’s awesome!

i was just curious… it has no use to me as an app.
i might learn something from the code generated.

Sorry for having this kind of trouble. Please try again - we are still learning new things about our Spam-Filter Software (ASSP). You also can get in contact with me through

You have to be registered with your mail account - CAPP is free to use then. If it does not work I will enter your address manually - then it should work.

Please read my other comments on CAPP here …

Oh no - please DO NOT learn form that code. It’s not worth it :grinning:

The code generated is a SAMPLE for the capabilities of CAPP. The issue is the template code in the XOJO directory below CAPP. CAPP installs Telosys and Velocity, two well known tools out of the Java world. And it provides a hassle free interface to those two tools.

This means also CAPP is not intended to produce XOJO code only. It can generate any kind and language - as long as it has a template. One good example is the documentation provided - it is genarated as .md file, wich can be edited or printed with any markdown editor (like Typora).

And yes, there IS in fact a tradeoff. This is - please excuse me - the lack of the documentation of the XOJO text file format. Or is there any - at least I did not find one.

If XOJO “hangs” or does not load the generated file, it is most often a corrupted text file. XOJO simply does not deal with errors inside - and why should it. The text format is not intended to be the source code for the app, is it? But CAPP misuses this way to bring code into XOJO.

We are still working on new templates which will offer more functionality and a more complex interface for the generated app. But this will take some time. If you look into the presentation you will recognize the so called “germ” which was used to produce a template from. (Anyhow this presentation was not one of my brightest moments and I will produce some videos in the near future)

It is not much work to use ANY program as a germ and produce a template from that. If you are interested, please send me an app in text format - and I will send you back the template.

CAPP was not designed to produce the perfect app. It is designed to evolve the future of coding. And I am sure it will do that. On top it will help some people to get into XOJO very quickly.

So if there are any suggestions out there how to improve CAPP they are very welcome.