Can't pick Simulator

Just started a new iOS project. When I click on iOS Debugging Simulator Device I don’t get a dropdown menu. Launched Xcode and installed new stuff. Quit Xojo and restarted. Still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

What happens when you just create a blank project in Xcode (you don’t need to code anything)… What devices does Xcode give you a choice of?
If NONE, then you need to add them (and it will be iOS version dependent… ie you can’t have iOS9.3 as you max version, but compile for iPhoneXR)

Dave, Thanks for suggestion. Xcode project allows selection of simulator and it ran perfectly.

What version of Xojo and what version of Xcode ?
Different Xojo versions only work with certain versions of Xcode and you’re mismatched then things just dont work
It has to do with how Xojo figures out what sims are available etc which apple changed repeatedly over the years

As Norm said, and I tried to say… does the list of simulators the Xcode reveals match with what the version of Xojo is compiling for… if the max device model for your Xojo setup is less than the min device in Xcode… it won’t work

Should have included that information in first post.
MacOS 10.15.5
Xojo 2019r3.1
Xcode 11.5

I did replace my 2012 iMac a few months ago with a new iMac.
Decided to go back to my old iMac on which I have released 2 iOS apps to the App Store.
MacOS 10.13.6
Xojo 2019r3.1
Xcode 10.1

Opened projects for those released apps and can’t select a Simulator.
Now I am really mystified.

Solved on old iMac. My stupidity.
Partially solved on new iMac
Feedback case 56151 has an entry saying Xcode->Preferences->Locations->Command Line Tools was unset. That was the case on my new iMac. Set to Xcode version and immediately could select a simulator in Xojo. BUT the Run button is still disabled. Closer.

I don’t keep up with the “iOS for Xojo” requirements, but are you sure that Xojo2019.3.1 works with Xcode10.1 seeing as the current version is 11.4 (for Cat) and (11.3) otherwise?

I seem to recall reading that each new release of Xojo required the current release of Xcode…

Just something to think about.

There is a connection between what version of Xojo and what versions of Xcode it could use
It remains undocumented on the System Requirement pages though :frowning:

Thanks Norman and Dave. So I decided to ignore the System Requirements page of the documentation which says that Xcode 11 is supported. I threw away Xcode 11.5 and downloaded Xcode 10.1 (which is working on my old system). Now Xojo on my new system is running the simulator perfectly.