Can you add to build in namespace?

For example could you add additional colors to the Xojo Color namespace?


Alternatively make your own namespace and provide everything through that
Some of it may call through to the Xojo framework, some may be whatever items it is you wanted to add to the existing namespace

Then all your code relies on that namespace and not a mish mash of some Xojo some yours

And you insulate yourself from changes in the Xojo namespace as well

Thanks! That’s what I thought and am currently doing. For colors I have a module Colours that somehow seems more correct to me (proper English and such) :wink:

Americans might object to it since its using British English spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

But this is about the only choice you have since modules cant be merged

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This fits that sentiment pretty well

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Christian will get the joke after a while too … :wink:

eh? what did she say? :smiley:

Good thing I speak “American” not “English”… even if we do drop a few “u” out of our words… “COLOR”, not “COLOUR” :smiley:

Oh, and we drive on the RIGHT SIDE of the road!