Calling a method whenever OpenDocument event is triggered?

I have a method in a module that should be run whenever the app’s OpenDocument or Save / Save As menu handler is run.

I also want to be able to drop that module into a new app without having to remember to set up the method call in several places.

I could use a subclass of app - that would reduce the required steps to one (set the apps super), but is there a better way? AppHandler comes to mind but I’m unsure if that is the correct way …

TiA for any advice.


Make a replacement template app that has this al lset up already ?

I cant think of any magic way to have a module automatically run any code to set itself up like you’re thinking of
THere would have to be code in the App constructor/open event etc

Thanks. Thought so but thought I’d ask.

That is what I am currently working on (an app framework).