Call for Speakers for the XDC

“Xojo enthusiasts, experts and friends… the XDC call for speakers is now open! :tada:

They what experts even when those are no more their target audience? :sweat_smile:

enthusiasts and friends and people which are one or both of this and thinking they are experts. They will not accept Dave, Norman, Hal or me as Speaker for sure.

Hey I was thinking of submitting a paper entitled “Xojo : A Fall from Grace”
or maybe “MVP : Must Venerate Perlman”… which do you think would have the best acceptance?

I guess best popularity would have Xojo: a Fall from Grace. Most vulnerable for Mr. Perlman would be MVP: Must Venerate Perlman. But who am I to decide that? I could do the following: I could write a Mail to Mr. Perlman and the two the two employees which are in charge of communication and administration to ask them what convinces more. Should I?



oh, in snowflake mode are we?

If you are not understanding sarcasm I would change it. So I changed it to: the two employees which are in charge of communication and administration. Thank you for that ADVISE.

This is just as bad.
Maybe, on this occasion, yes, I am.
What is it about this forum that it attracts so much anger and needlessly insulting behaviour?


okay, we all sit behind our keyboards on or high horses and jugde people around us that we have never met or even spoken to.

No anger from me though, no direspect or anything, just written words. Dana and Alyssa has always been good to me, and I respect them for who they are. I NEVER do personal attacks, just sarcasm…

So please sir, dont assume anything about me at least, you really do not have any clue about who I am or what my values are.

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Nobody is disrespecting them. No. They where always doing what they shall do. If they where doing something what is not in my opinion: it is the Business of Geoff Perlman. Therefore, while I do not want to have any connection to this company and their unprofessional release practices and their totally chaotically organized Release policy and their absolute bad quality I changed the production development of my products from Xojo to Java. And that was one of the best decisions I could do while I need a professional language at all.

For me there is no way to say that Xojo is a quality product and that it works perfectly or that it is possible to use in industrial or medical environment. It is all of that not. Xojo is the worse piece of software which has a brilliant marketing behind. It is not professional at all.

I use my license for testing the Software further. Not forbidden and I paid for. But the company is cutting rights of my contract. (Testing upcoming releases) while banned from the TOF. Why? I don’t know. And that this employees are doing with a real arrogant attitude and with the knowledge that it is wrong and against the laws of the state of Texas. You are never allowed to cut the rights of a customer he paid for. That they do and they are a part of this behavior.

This is not changing anything on the fact that they both only do what their eco tells them. I can not say if they like to do it or not and - to speak truths - I am not interested in getting that knowledge while I am not a bit interested in this persons. There is no need to get in contact with persons like this. Not for me.

As a CEO I know exactly that the police< of that company is doing that. Not the employees. Therefore I was not attacking them. And Mid aged Woman: between 30 and 50 it is mid aged. Sorry for that. I am standing behind. If now somebody believes that he can speak against: please. Think about before.

What is it about this forum that it attracts so much anger

Remember WHY this forum needed to be created… to give people a place to vent their frustration with the ever declining state of Xojo Inc.

That seems Trumpian a la “I don’t lie, I just state alternative facts.” :man_facepalming:

But I do fully expect that you actually believe that. The problem is that you are not the one who has the right to say if you insulted someone, it is the one who feels insulted whether you meant it or not.

In which case you then add insult to injury by calling them “snowflakes”.

In summary that makes you an arrogant ass, But don’t get me wrong, that is not an insult, but just written words. :roll_eyes:

cool the veiled personal attacks guys ?

all of you

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It was not an attack. I am sorry, it was following the real world behavior of the persons.

Be civil
Thats all thats asked

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thank you @MarkusWinter, I needed a laugh :joy:

arrogant ass you say, muuuhhhaaaahaaaaa :rofl:

… and as expected you are blissfully unaware that you just confirmed what I wrote.

I’m a sarcastic sod myself - but at least I’m not so deluded as to pretend that could not cause offence.

But I guess explaining that is as useless as telling Trump that he did indeed loose the election, and that hydroxychloroquine and Invermectin are a bad idea as a Covid treatment …

Somehow I am not understanding that fight. I mean: we are basically on the same side. And we are all under the condition of the behavior of Xojo, inc and it’s CEO and the Employees and not to forget the MVP. If or if not correct, we have to accept all of their decisions. And they do decisions which are not correct in case of banning people and so on. That is one point I see that makes it so that people are angry about persons which are not only connected but also the right Hand of the CEO. Makes the entire process complex while there is no normal conversation possible anymore. That is in my view the fundamental argument for arguing against also especially against this two employees and also against the CEO. That there are many more employees, MVP and moderators which are holding the marketing based customer care line is another theme to discuss.

Be as pissed off and angry about how they behave as you like

How we express that anger, disappointment, rage, whatever still has to be civil

Or held in check

Now its not always possible to avoid EVERY possible slight
Personally I didnt see any deliberate offense IN MY OPINION of saying “the two mid aged ladies”
But thats only one opinion
And, when you reread that, it probably wasnt necessary to insert that
It isnt/wasnt really material - so it could have seemed like an attempt to denigrate them

I MAY be very wrong but its also possible that, because English is NOT your first language, that there is something lost in translation.

So writers need to be careful and not be hyperbolic
And readers need to be a little less hypersensitive to every little possible slight
Some people do NOT write English as their first language and translations DO lose something

Last night at dinner my wife and our guest were jesting
And she said “May I be excused?” to our guest
He replied with “You are dismissed”
But dismissed is to much of a “commanding” directive - like your a corporal in the army being dismissed by the colonel
What he meant was “You may be excused”
It took us a few minutes and a few puzzled looks to sort out that was what he meant

So cut some slack ?
both ways

oh, sorry but I thought we were just playing with words here. @MarkusWinter

I sincerely appologize if I offended anyone, not my intention.

About that snowflake comment, Yes I think that I overstepped there, sorry about that @JeffT

I also agree that the language barrier somethimes do play trick on us.

I will shut up for a while now, until I have something constructive to say.