Calgary-Area Get together

Well, we got sidetracked first with work, then with Covid, but perhaps if people have time and are ok with getting together at a restaurant we could do another meet-up? I’m not sure who from the last get together is on this forum, but let me try some '@'s to see what happens…
@npalardy @eugenedakin @mikecotrone
Don’t see Peter Stys, Joe Schumacher or Brian O’Brian here so I’ll see if they respond on the “Old” forum…

Anyone else here from the Calgary area would like to grab a bite and talk code?

That’s a great idea. I enjoyed the last get-together. Count me in.

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Reached out to the other 3 on the other forum. Perhaps @eugenedakin has their contact info - dunno who else lives in this area?

The people that you mentioned on both forums are all that I am aware. Thanks for organizing this Andy!


Let’s start with dates that work for everyone. I’m working from home so I’m quite flexible.
Chime in with what is best or even what doesn’t work for y’all.

I can do most any date EXCEPT NOV 8, NOV 15 and NOV 21 (Ski patrol stuff those days)

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Thanks, Norm.
@eugenedakin @mikecotrone?

I am available on all dates. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mike we lucked out and he happened to be in the area
I think normally he’s in North Carolina or something

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I was on holiday with the family then, but I have business ties to Alberta so count me in! I am in NC physically :slight_smile:

Sorry, Mike, I forgot you weren’t local! I’m thinking we might do a zoom one of these days for interested parties, I’ll let you know.

Let’s try Nov 6th. Likely only 3 or 4 of us…

Im in for Zoom!

Nov 6th good for you @npalardy and @eugenedakin?

Yes the 6th is good.

Great. I’ll find a (different) place in Airdrie, unless you or Norm have a suggestion?

Airdrie is a good place, as it will lower the travel times for everyone. I am good with whatever place you suggest. I am looking forward to see everyone!

Good by me

Mr Mikes @ 6 then ?
See you tonight


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