C# port of Xojo binary project to XML converter

OK this might be a truly fugly bit of code but I am just trying to port the code I have in the binary to xml converter

Its a C# project done in the macOS preview of Visual Studio

Pulls, forks and changes, fixes, and additions are way more than welcome

What is the target audience if I may ask?

Anybody who wants to see really crappy C# code ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone who needs a tool that converts Xojo binary projects to XML ones
For now thats all it does
Text may happen later

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you mean “xojo projects” w/o a xojo license? Because of an acute flare-up of my Xojo allergy, I can’t help there :frowning:

An app that securely deletes (overwrites with even more zeros) all Xojo folders and binaries could become a blockbuster.

I’ll edit my posts to say that more clearly :stuck_out_tongue:

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