ByeBye INN - leaving and watching forward

Since I have god degraded to basic USER after I deleted some of my post in protest to the reaction of some people I can only say: I am deeply sad that this here works nearly like TOF. It makes no difference. First doing and not telling. letting me run in that. Feeling like degraded. So I can’t see any foreseeable future in INN. Thanks for nice Discussions.

Anyhow I am deeply in Java and will not move to any try and error language again like Xojo at least became within the last years. Have all a nice Christmas and I wish a happy new year.

Words of truth, but u know we meet twice in life …

Ho man. Off topic. Please.

About as long as the last time he left. And the time before.

Ha th next Hater comes back. Holy Moly. Both here. And both are the haters and showing that here. Neat that you do it.

You should stop hiding yourself behind pseudo identities. It is painful when writing so much crap both of you do. And therefore both of you are using this pseudo names. Man. Both of you should become adult.

Dalu or Philippe V., the one who started that useless Xojo Support Forum. Wow, that is a success; he has to reply to his threads to have some activity there. Even Xojo inc. deleted his Xojo Support Forum announcement which would be a safe haven for their engineers.

Dalu or Philippe V., I pitty you, always so full of hate and intolerance to other people. You are a very unimportant and small person with too high self-esteem.

I have a normal healthy weight, but I do not judge or convict overweight people. Everybody owns his/her place on this Earth. I am sure many people with overweight care and do more for fellow humans than you Dalu in your whole miserable life, always bitching to others.

By the way, why not post your reply on the TOF forum? Afraid of being banned Philippe V.?

Sorry to be so harsh, but I cannot stand unfairness and disrespect for other people! You harvested what you planted!


really true words. Thanks for it.