Button for code tags?

I know you can get your code coloured by putting it in code tags like this

  // my code

but could we have a button for it? There is a lot of space on the button bar still … :wink:

… and I get confused with my MarkDown app where it is

// my code

WHAT? That works too?! (three wavy lines (alt n) instead of three backticks)

Still, button would be nice.

I’ll take a look and see if I can add a code fence button. There is a button on the toolbar to flank text in single back ticks: ~``~ already though.

Hi @MarkusWinter. I looked into this and found a plugin that purports to do just as you like but it seemed pretty glitchy and it crashed the site so I think I’m going to hold off adding a separate button for the time being :smile:!