Building iOS app--no identity found

I have been building and testing this iOS app for weeks. Suddenly when I try to build I get a window that says, “This operation can’t be completed. [long hex string]: no identity found.”
Anybody have a clue what has happened?

was there an OS update / patch installed recently ?

I am still on MacOS 10.15.5 which I think has been installed for some time. Have not yet installed 10.15.6.

new version of Xcode ?

No, been using Xcode 10.1 for many months.
Sounds like you think this is related to some software. Is there any way to relate the hexadecimal number back to some piece of software?

My guess is that the code signing identity may have expired, or you need to sign some contracts with Apple.

Use Keychain assistant to see if you have a iOS Developer certificate or a Apple Distribution certificate.

Is was a possibility I was fishing for

Sam may be onto a better track if the certificates expired or something

I’ve seen others download their certs /keys again (even after wiping them locally etc) just to insure things are up to date

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Sam was correct. My iOS Developer Certificate had expired. Of course after generating a new iOS Developer Certificate a new Provisioning Profile for the app is required to be generated. At least that warning message was plainly written.
Thanks guys.

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There is method to this madness, more than once people have had their certs corrupted by an OS update. Not really their certs as those are fine, but the signing keys just vanish…