Bug Sur malware exploit?

How serious is this?

So you need to modify a system tool to send a payload? After Apple locked down the system in Big Sur? Good luck with that.

Looking at some of the replies it looks like a congregation of conspiracy theorists … why are YOU even there?

I am not surprised to be honest. I expect this was done because people are using 3rd party firewalls to ignore updates, after Apple removed the ability to ignore updates.

I don’t know why Apple has gotten overly agreesive about making sure people are using the latest version of their OS. Perhaps if they spent more time making their updates reliable and worthwhile (such as fixing the bugs in Migration Assistant and NOT wrecking existing apps, customers wouldn’t want to disable or ignore updates.

Why am I on Twitter? I dunno, mostly for the toxic dialogue I guess.


Not the latest version of their OS - the latest security and bug fixes for their OS, which is something very different, and as I just yesterday installed a HEAP of security updates on a friends Mac because she could never be bothered to deal with updates ("… as long as it runs …" :man_facepalming:) I think that is the right thing to do.

I happily still run Mojave on a 2014 MacBook Air …


No, in a thread full of conspiracy nutters.

I expect Apple to fix this with the next update.
Maybe by checking path and signature of the app, too.

And I hope they get their own apps to go through firewalls.