Bug Report: nice answer (this is ironic)

In GIMP, when you click in the numerical field to change the Pencil size:

The image on screen is half the above size (144dpi displayed as 72 dpi image).

It was 10 before I clicked, and after the click it is 794 (can be anything this large).

I’ve made a bug report explaining that and here’s the answer I get:

because they are sliders you need to click on the number if you want to change it. Or you can click and hold on the space and use the slider.

The bug report was discarded. This is not a bug, but a feature.

I issued more bug reports and one feature request. Because I was so angry, I do not read the answers I get for these.

Like with another set of companies, I will stop talking to them.

BTW:I’m nearly 70, my vision is not the one of a 20 y/o kid, and so, clicking in the top or bottom arrow to increase/decrease the Pencil value is byond of my ability (nearly all the time I click on the wrong arrow).
I nearly forgot: select-all (Cmd-A or Alt-A) does not works too. Only fn-Delete and Delete works. Go figure.

Doh: this is for each and every field where you can change a numerical value.

I do not talk about their stich feature: it is faster to do it using Apple’s Preview… (put together some photos to realize a larger a panorama).

Angry? You could try to learn to use the feature as it was intended instead of making a tantrum for not working as you imagined.

No one uses the arrows, but as they said, you can just slide, or even use the mouse wheel.

If you clicked the slider, WHO CARES if the value changed with the click, you are going to change it with the keyboard anyway. But if somehow that makes you angry, just click on the current position instead of clicking on the number.

Once with the focus, the value can be edited as text or you can use UP or DOWN keys, or even page up and Page down, PLENTY of options to use this controls.

Yes Sir, you are partially right. Partially while all of this is true except that the control is not working like it is said by the vendor and that is INACCEPTABLE. The Point is: even if you are right with all of this it is nothing anybody from the professional edge would accept. No chance. It has to work. You could try to do that in a medical product. in Europe or in USA: the 63204, 60601 and 13485 are Standards which are working also in US and Canada. And guess what. Especially in US you get with that malfunction problems and no acceptance for the software. so stop dreaming. Get into reality.

  • The Gimp is NOT a medical product.
  • It works exactly as the vendor said
  • The professional edge in graphical design have used sliders like that for DECADES, they use and expect that behavior

There is also the sliding with right click, it will slide slower if you have problems handling the mouse or requiere a more precise value change

Thats a weird control
I’d expect to be able to click the up & down arrows given every other app I’ve used does that

I am in charge of Quality at my company (talk about going against personality! :wink: ) and we just got ISO-13485 certified a few months ago…

The only software that falls under 13485 is that used in the manufacturing and testing of product or control of a device, as well as software used in the Quality Management system…

It all depends on what the software is used for.


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That also works, but considering all the options, the arrows requiere more “aiming” and lots of clicks, way easier to just slide or use the keyboard