Bubble.io (no-code web app platform)

Has anyone here tried bubble.io (a no-code, low-code web app platform)?

I was about to take a peek, but before I did, thought I might ask for feedback.

Internally we use a few low-code environments like Ninox which have largely been very positive experiences for us.

Kind regards, Andrew

Why should we use a no code platform without flexibility, agility and without the guarantee that we can use it when the Software Vendor disappears? I mean: people are not using Java, PHP and so on to be in the Hands of a company which is smaller than 20 employees and always in the risk to disappear. So most people will not try something like this. What makes me nerviuos is that you have no chance to use it without their services.

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Respectfully, I’ve not asked you to use or do anything.

I am very familiar with your opinions on Xojo (as they apply to proprietary platforms) and am well aware of your development stack preferences. I agree with much of what you have to say.

Generally, speaking you and I use many of the same toolsets. No argument.

There are, however, many valid reasons for utilising low-code, no-code environments.

Most low-code environments have strong application templates that allow teams of non-developers an opportunity to tailor business processes without development support.

Low-code environments provide the ability to scale quickly and securely without dedicated development or IT operations support. Sometimes, you need to act, before you have time to develop.

They are also very efficient for prototyping apps with users, or to create prototypes for raising venture capital for startups (which is my niche).

Sometimes we use low-code apps, as a stepping stone to regular development. Prototyping, refining and maturing thought processes before developing them for the longer term on open platforms.

Introducing a user-driven and assumption tested concept to a development team saves time and money.

I use many languages and tools including those you have mentioned, and where appropriate some proprietary, code, low-code and no-code environments.

Despite your assertion that

people will not try something like this

Low-code, no-code platforms have always been popular (eg: FileMaker), however are experiencing near exponential growth right now.

I have a the heart of a developer but even I can see the writing on the wall for a time when “most” application development projects will require less-and-less, tending-to-zero coding.

I’ll happily review “Bubble” for myself. Thank you.

Kind regards, Andrew


I have to apologize, you where nd re right: people will love it. Our niche (the niche of my company) if the production of medical divices and medical device Software, especially here web interfaces. I am doing this and only this for long time now. Web interfaces with No Code Platforms are totally impossible for IOT Devices while I have no possible way for using a REST interface of having Code directly running on server and holding that controllable. I have to say that with Xojo it is also impossible. If I look on Google, IBM, Oracle and others their view is directed on Java Web Frmeworks like WebSphere, Vaadin, Spring, Wicket, Struts and many, many more. This is my niche for production and for prototyping. Therefore I am not able to understand Web Nocode Platforms while I am prototyping with Vaadin or Spring or Wicket. Why ever is the best for the project.

But many people can not do that and need the graphical visual designer for designing their UI. I can understand that and I am respecting the, everybody has his wise of working. And so I was not right while especially the users which are not designing the UI via Code will need a tool for prototyping.

My opinion is different while I want to be able to use my prototyping code later for the real application and so it is for me for example nicer to write a Spring App with UI as prototype instead of prototyping with something I can not control and not use for later production.

But it is only my opinion so I have to apologize while you are right.

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Briefly yes
It probably fits for a certain class of app
But, for the client I was dealing with, they decided against it for other reasons

I’m working on a RAD pack for Xojo, designed to increase the speed of development and automate some of the time consuming tasks with developing X-platform in Xojo.

Watch this space………


I’m too am working on a RAD pack , designed to increase the speed of development and automate some of the time consuming tasks with developing

It is written 100% in Swift


I’m at the documentation stage now !

Yeah its got some interesting things to it BUT for the client I was thinking of they looked at it and while it might work for the kinds of apps they want to create NOT being able to self host etc was the show stopper
Regulatory requirements kind of preclude using a hosted service as far as I understand their needs

Too bad as it looks really neat

With the RAD Pack?

Maybe create a thread for it?

Will figure out how to do that as I’m looking for some beta testers now.

make sure you start a new thread when you are seeking testers
That will gain way more eyeballs & replies

I thought that’s what I did !