Bob Keeney is back on xojo

Yes, they were available as a podcast. I don’t think they were on YouTube.

I’m sure the rationalization is that they’re just re-upping them … but it is also telling that they have no current content to boost in preference to something many years old.

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Since Paul is now doing development they no longer have an ‘evangelist’. Again, one more thing that has gone away that shows the state of things.

I always considered that position to be part marketing and support. When I was doing my training videos I’d keep track of what forum users were asking about, say, listbox, and then do a video making sure to incorporate the information needed to answer their question. Then I could give the answer in the forum and then say, "Oh, btw, this and more, is in my video training at (give URL). Why Xojo doesn’t do this is beyond me.


Too adequately staffed…

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I think it’s actually

hell.IsFrozen(optional Over as Boolean)



Oh maybe

enum YesNoMaybe
end enum

Sub hell.IsFrozen(assigns Over as YesNoMaybe)

so I can write

   hell.IsFrozen = YesNoMaybe.Maybe


This little jest is turning into a real exercise in “how convoluted can you make it ?” :slight_smile:
So yeah very API 2

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no they are smart, they know that API3 will again change everything. They learned from @bkeeney as he felt into that trap :wink:

If Java would do that once I would be out of it. I can’t understand how people can still be fanboys of Xojo, inc. Yes the new Api was needed. And the new API was a chance. Needed was a new API not a renaming with canceling all bugs inside to have the bugs later as new ones and old ones. Man. I can’t get how they could do that.

Genius move?

Prerequisite for writing a new documentation? It’s all about priorities, isn’t it? </sarcasm on hold>

Possibly but I have a question: which Genius is moin there???