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Hello, I’m not resurrecting my Xojo blog (that ship has long sailed) but after 10 months on the road, living full time in an RV, I feel like enough people are asking questions and saying, “Hey Bob, you should write about this,” that I’m getting the writing bug again.

So, looking for free or inexpensive placed to blog about my travels. I’ve used WordPress in the past so I’m not afraid of it but something simpler/easier is good too. In the ideal world there’d be a utility where I have a desktop tool and then hit send/save and it ‘just works’.


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I hear a lot of good things about Wix, especially the easy to setup and use aspects. Never used it myself, but supposedly they have a free tier you can start on, then upgrade to a paid one once you reach the allotment limits.

For Wordpress, I’d be happy to host yours on my Dreamhost server - you only need to pay for the domain registration (do you still have your old domain?). It’s not the fastest, but I have unlimited space/bandwidth available. PM me if interested.

Going to try Substack for a while. I’ve created the page but haven’t posted anything yet at Hope to some time this weekend.


Cool. Look forward to it, especially as an RVer myself (though still not full-time yet).

One thing that I’m kind of hoping is that with a regular travel blog saying what area we’re in (and exploring) some Xojo folks will reach out we can break bread and talk shop.

If I had stayed a Xojo consultant we had talked about doing the full-time RVing thing but holding mini-Xojo training events. Alas, that ship has sailed but I still wouldn’t mind meeting up with folks.

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If you are ever coming towards San Diego, let me know

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Or Nashville / Clarksville, TN just give me a shout.

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Come on by we’ll park the RV in the back 40 :stuck_out_tongue:

  • once we drain the water - omg its been wet this summer !
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You must be kidding Norman! There is too much sunshine here. Can’t you create an application which can teleport water to parts of the planet which are in need of water? I will teleport sunshine in return.

Do we have a deal?

You make the teleport sunshine one first so I can see what you did then teleporting water will be easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Deal !

I will ask Doctor Who for his Tardis.

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Oooh I’ll take a Tardis instead of sunshine !

Good plan

Didn’t you and I just talk about his on the phone :slight_smile:

Yes, and I’ve been having the same conversation for the past 10 months since we sold the house and all its contents in an estate sale. Enough people saying, “You should write about this,” and eventually I gave up.

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Subscribed. Beats the hell out of reading about the Kardashians.


Bob is an entertaining writer. He has interesting observations. I’ll be subscribing too.

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New post today about the music festival we’re at in Evart, Michigan. Lovely temps today. It’s 63 currently and the high will only be 77. Thankfully we packed jackets.


LOL! You sound like my Parents-in-law. They’re originally from New Jersey, then NC for 20 years, now living in Florida for 12 years. Whenever the temp dips below 72, they’re ready to start a fire! (having a fireplace in Florida is an oxymoron to me).