Blog articles on why developers have left or leaving Xojo

While the public interest of that post is little, I have had some people e-mail me like I asked. It’s good to know that some are considering to take it on.

Xojo however haven’t contacted me, which comes as no surprise to be honest.


Thats a reference to a tweet from a Xojo employee about how they should ignore “the trolls”

Those trolls are/were basically anyone that was critical of Xojo

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If a company wants to grow, it better listen to its customers. Critical reviews/opinions are significant; they tell a company how users use the software and important features to implement.

But again, no matter what Xojo Inc. believes, nobody here is a troll. It is shameful even to think that about this community!


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All “the trolls” are alluded to in this post

There was a relevant tweet but that account has been deleted (ironically)

well based on that then Xojo has very few “trolls”

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Waiting for the 5 steps to start :slight_smile:

what a hybris…

The five steps don’t need to start, as I said Xojo has no trolls, by their own admission

 Every business will hear from unhappy customers, receive criticism and complaints, and sometimes these won’t be friendly or even constructive, but these things are not trolling. These customers have an issue but they want a solution. Trolls and trolling do not aim to solve a problem. A troll is combative and their intentions are not constructive.

Hybris ?

Hybris (de) - Hubris (en)

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AH never thought to translate it from a Germanic language :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that

EDIT : although I still don’t quite understand the comment, who its directed at, or what he meant but … whatever

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Xojo staff and MVPs would do some of that, but it just turned out to be gaslighting:

  • Creating a bug report would mean it’d be ignored unless you lobbied Geoff. So, finding a solution was difficult.
  • Asking for suggestions is problematic since most people don’t know the innards of Xojo. Some that know the innards could explain and still not get a fix.
  • Interesting about focusing on intent. I don’t know anyone who has an intent other than getting a bug fixed.

It’s just all a bunch of crap. It was all about forcing out the complainers.

I think it was because Xojo just could not fix what was asked for. Maybe not enough staff or not enough ability. I don’t really know, but in the end I just wanted bugs fixed.

Calling devs trolls seems like when a corrupt politician get caught and calls everyone else corrupt…

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(Edited the last word as it seemed apt based on all of our experiences). Sums up Xojo quite well. :joy:


like we all saw so often “Nice words. Now put it in to practice”

and thats where it falls apart

  1. Let it Chill & Find Your Voice – Sometimes the best thing is to walk away for an hour or a day.

They’ve largely walked away - for good - from their own forums
They rarely post
And a decent number of replies are “PM Me” or “email me @ …” rather than discuss an issue in public where others might chime in OR benefit from resolving that issue
Now not EVERY issue needs to be public
but they dont all deserve to be handled in private either

  1. Never Feed the Trolls – We’ve all heard this mantra and we all know how difficult it can be to follow. Perhaps the most difficult step in all this is deciding when to respond and when not to respond.

Has turned into “never respond” for most topics

  1. Look to the Helpers – Sometimes the best response doesn’t come from you.

The folks who USED to help Xojo, like me and so many others on this forums, dont any more
Why not ?
They’ve been disappointed and let down MORE THAN ONCE
And so have said “NO MORE” and just dont - mostly

  1. Self Care – I can say “don’t take it home” and “leave it at the office” until the cows come home

This last one I could go on & on about
I wont though

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It seems to me “hybris” is common in English aswell as it is much more closer to its ancient Greek origin when written with “y” - see Hybris (mythology) - Wikipedia

And it was pointing to Xojo and their behaviour…

or less frequently hybris (/ˈhaɪbrɪs/),[1] describes a personality quality of extreme or excessive pride[2] or dangerous overconfidence,[3] often in combination with (or synonymous with) arrogance.[

I knew hubris but not hybris hence why I was confused

And yes. Xojo often demonstrates hubris in excess