Blog articles on why developers have left or leaving Xojo

I’m writing my article on my decision to leave and I’d like to link to others.

I have @bkeeney I’m Not Xojo’s Target Audience. Is Anyone? | BKeeney Briefs

@Jeannot Xojo in the 2020s

Who am I missing?

Most other feedback on ‘why I left Xojo’ is here on INN, I suppose.

will appwraper continue to live or will you stop the development ?


@Alwaysbusy wrote a great one when he left xojo.

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wow… written in 2018, and here it is almost 6 years later, and NOT A DAMN THING has changed!


The choice is yours, being happy or being sad. You all decided to abandon Xojo for a better development tool.

I wonder how happy you are with your newly found development tool.
My former company decided to close the whole department I had worked in for almost 20 years. I worked there very motivated, and my performance was excellent. I tried other departments within the company but without success. When the day came of my retrenchment (28 October 2022), when I left the company in the evening, I closed the past and looked for a new future. I decided to be my own boss.

Two months after that date, I moved to Botswana and started my own online business. It’s a true challenge and tough work with extremely long days. However, I didn’t regret my decision and didn’t look back. I have no hard feelings about my former company, and I can’t complain because when I worked there, they were good for me.

I am happy with what I am doing. So should you! Don’t wander in the past; walk to a new feature.

Positive thoughts are so much stronger than negative ones!


I’m not happy with it, but I have not abandoned it.



I am VERY happy with the new developement tool I chose… XPlat is no concern for me, so since I only care about the Apple Ecosystem. Swift has been my new tool of choice… 1000x more flexible than Xojo could ever have hoped to be.

Oh… and I think it was more that Xojo abandoned me


True, Xojo Inc. banned you and others, which was a very wrong decision. With those bans, they lost a lot of knowledge and dedicated users.

So, I perfectly understand the frustration, and it is okay if people are venting. What I am afraid of, and you can tell me if I am wrong, is that this frustration eats on their creativity. It is better to put energy into pursuing people’s dreams than that they dwell in the past.

By the way, I am impressed with the image of the 80’s calculator you create! Very well done!

I apologize if I gave you the wrong impression. I do not convict any people if they are staying or leaving Xojo.

I wanted to say that it is better to put energy into the new development tool of choice than spend that same energy dwelling in the past.

I regularly read your replies on both forums and understand that switching tools is tedious. But when you could rewrite all your apps within a day, would you remain with Xojo? When you successfully rewrite all your apps, which are doing well, would you waste your energy in negative remarks about your former development tool? Or will you instead use that energy for new projects?

That is the point I try to make. It is better to spend energy and time in a positive matter than in a negative. Negativity brings you nothing, and positivity will improve your future!

But when you could rewrite all your apps within a day, would you remain with Xojo?

No, I left for a reason, actually many, the CEO being an a$$hat is one

 When you successfully rewrite all your apps, which are doing well, would you waste your energy in negative remarks about your former development tool? 

My negative remarks have gone from the “PLEASE FIX IT” to “I Don’t care, but its good for a laugh”

Xojo was a powerful tool when I started (needed a macVersion of VB6)… but time marched forward, and Xojo marched backwards, and the interactions with clients fell apart.

is that this frustration eats on their creativity.
calculator you create! Very well done!

guess by creativity is doing ok :smiley:

What I most regret about Xojo is that they did not put more energy into their desktop platforms. For a small team like Xojo Inc., supporting all those platforms (web, iOS and now Android) is too much for them. It would have been better if they invested in a compiler developer than in supporting all those platforms.

But the decisions made by Xojo Inc, neither you nor I can change that. That is something we have to accept. We can only go forward!


The truth of the matter is that Xojo abandoned every single customer the moment the CEO chose to ignore customer needs and wants in favor of massive and unavoidable project breaking changes he wanted.

He had no data to back up his idea (he publicly admitted this), he ignored his own employees who told him it was a bad idea (prior and current employees have said as much). He ignored his customers when he revealed his plan. Every step of the way, he insisted on executing his plan, regardless.

He took every criticism and complaint as a personal attack, and would ferociously defend it. He made claims it comes with “Great benefits”, but never once followed that up with anything. Which all sadly suggests, he understands it was a mistake, but would rather drive away loyal customers, evangelists and product enthusiasts, than admit it.

What Geoff did to each and every one of us, has left a significant and ugly scar. I’m sure you know, scars take time to fade. All of us are looking towards bright futures with different tools, but the wound is still sore and aches, it will take time for our wounds to stop hurting, but we’re not sat here licking our wounds, no each and every one of us is limping on, moving towards a better future. Eventually the wound will stop hurting, eventually Xojo will be a distant memory and a merely a reminder of things to avoid. For the moment, we solider on.

I will continue to support App Wrapper until I cannot.


Your analysis is accurate, and I can feel the pain caused by you and many others. Honestly, I feel the same pain and wish we could reverse the situation. But as end-users, we are not in any position to make a change. We can only accept the case like it is and hope somebody else steps in as CEO and makes the necessary changes.

Regretfully, that will not be possible with a CEO like Geoff Perlman. It is his company, and as such, he makes the rules. He is also the one who has to accept the consequences when it goes wrong.

I don’t think there is something wrong with the development team because they seem experienced, knowledgeable and motivated. Maybe one day in the future, they will stand up for Xojo.

Maybe they can improve Xojo and make it great again with fresh capital. It will be difficult, and the road will probably be long, but it is not impossible. If they can regain the trust of their customers, a lot will become possible.

I agree with you and the others that Geoff Perlman, as CEO, is not good for the company. He should step aside or let himself be assisted by somebody who leads Xojo back on track.

I do believe that, with drastic changes, Xojo still has a great future. When the team can act like one, with a good leader who makes the right decisions, Xojo can be great again.

Until that happens, we all have to soldier on! When the change occurs, we must support the team and its new leader. Let us hope that this will happen, not only for ourselves but also for the Xojo development team. They deserve better than what they receive now.

But ask yourself: what positive change will bring a thread about collecting blog articles about people leaving Xojo? How will that change the already bad situation?

Instead, ask yourself what you can do to bring that positive change. This counts for the others here, too. Are there enough people here who have close contact with development team members? If so, can they convince the team to take the necessary action? Can somebody replace the present CEO with a vision of how he/she can make the future for Xojo bright again?

All questions and probably more must be answered before even a solution is in sight. For the right price, a lot will be accomplished! The question is: will somebody be willing to pay that price and take the risk? Who knows?

In short: the vanity project of a narcissist.

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Everyone who will challenge a narcissistic CEO on their ideas and strategies will get fired. I think the Xojo team already got purged of anyone who could do that.
The only force that will make such a person change course is a really bad bottom line. This talks to people who can’t be reached by ordinary humans.


But anybody with enough financial capital can buy out Geoff Perlman and put Xojo back on track. It is a risky business, but that counts for every entrepreneur. There is much to gain but also much to lose. The analysis to make Xojo Inc. a profitable company again is for that entrepreneur.

For the rest, I am afraid you are correct.