BETA TESTS required : iPhone Calculator

well my iPhone Programmers Calculator is “done” and I would like 3 volunteers who are willing to really beat the crap out of it.

If interested, send me a private message, with

  • your email address
  • what kind of iPhone you have
  • what level of iOS is running on it (requires a min of iOS14)


A new version is now available with RPN support in the Scientific mode

Why are you disappointed? Your calculator looks like an old Windows 95 decoction. Who wants to use something like that in these days? Come on. It’s an awful attempt imo.

So basically redo your interface. Make it modern and usable.


I think it is meant to be a retro design. Personally, I like it.

Hey Dave, I love RPN and will test it out a bit if you’d like. I’ll PM you.

Define “modern” ?

As for usable I dont get how you assess that without having tried it yet ?

One thing Dave didnt do was post screen shots of the calc with different UI styles (it supports at least 2)
This is the more “flat” style

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There have been some “comments” about the “retro” look… Well it seems there is no such thing as a standardized “modern GUI” for this type of app (trust me I’ve looked)… So based on what I DID find, I came up with THREE “skins”… one of them being the original


Y’know what? You’re futzing with just what you want to in just the way you like … which is what one ought to do in one’s retirement. Pay no attention to the peanut gallery. You don’t have to justify your choices to anyone.


Top left has a nice retro look. Top right is best in terms of usability.

I agree. And I would set the top/right as default not to scare people. :slight_smile:

Here’s an interesting article on bbc about visually impaired people’s issues with touch screen devices like card readers - or probably a sw calculator:

I prefer the initial design, or third in the set. I’ll PM you about doing some testing Dave.

so do i… I keep using the 3rd one … the retro version

Now, something for everyone :slight_smile:


That’s much better than your first designs.
Well done.