Best way to supply "Instructions"

Normally I create a help page using either HTML or PDF and embed this into the App with an appropriate viewer.

However my current project covers multiple device types. macOS, iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as AppleTV

This creates some challenges…

  1. tvOS does not have viewers for HTML or PDF
  2. iPhone has limited real-estate, but can show either format
  3. macOS has little if any restrictions in regards to this.

I COULD create a ScrollView with ImageView and textFields to simulate a “webpage”,

or just create a real “website” on my server, and refer people there… however this means that iOS and tvOS users would need to use there desktop of the “users manual”


Show a QRCode to the docs on tvOS? User can then use their phone. :slight_smile:

yeah… but that makes the assumption the user HAS an iPhone…

the other problem is some of the images that would be in the document, could be as large as an iPhone screen… .of course I could make lesser quality versions for this

I’m leaning towards a standard webpage… I can safely assume everyone would have either a Mac or Windows desktop

I’m pretty sure Android phones can read QRcodes too … :wink:

I know people who don’t (eg my former physio, some old people who like to phone or video chat but find a computer “too much”) - they do everything on their phone.

So color me confused… what good does a QR code do?

Are you saying if the app is on the AppleTV, you point your iPhone(or Android) at a QR code and the website is shown on the phone? But that means another assumption (and while reasonable, I hate assumptions)… and that is they have an Internet connection on the phone (and a dataplan to back it up)

Note : I’m not a big phone user… so maybe these are non-issues to people that are.

The QRcode just carries information - that can be a weblink (in which case the data detectors ask if you want to open that webpage), a map location (data detectors ask if you want to open maps), an address (data detectors ask if you want to add it to contacts), etc

I think the assumption that people with a smartphone that can read QRcodes also have internet applies to everyone who has video on demand (eg AppleTV)

P.S. You open the camera app on the phone and point it at the QRcode. Try with this one:

QRcode for Dave

Ok… I think I have it figured out… the QR code only applies to the app on AppleTV since the others have a built-in HTML Viewer…


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