Best replacement for Chilkat plugins for Xojo?

A company has contacted me to help maintain and upgrade a software originally built in Xojo 2019 and make it compatible with the latest hardware of Mac that is M2 and M3 processors.

The project is heavily dependent on a plugins called Chilkat plugins for Xojo.

I checked Chilkat site but the plugins are only available for M1 processor.

Is/are there any easy and reasonably priced plugins that may be providing most (if not all) the features of Chilkat with support for M2 & M3 processors?


If they support M1, then it should support M2/3 as well, as those should be 100% backward compatible.
And if I’m not mistaken, the instruction sets are pretty much identical, with differences being speed, and supported memory models…


I guess they updated the page when M1 was new.
As they support Mac arm64 that works with any Apple Silicon version (M1, M2, M3…)
They should change the info to (M processors) or something like that, as people may get confused.


Ask on The Other Forum and the author will answer you.

Have you talked to the chilkat guy, I use a log of their stuff and he’s always very helpful. Maybe he can compile over for you.

I found this in another site.
Developers should stop mentioning M1, M2, etc
People may think that this app will not work with M3

An app compiled for Apple Silicon will work with M1, M2, M3, and will work with M4, M5…

My guess is that in the near future the limitation will be the OS version (more than it is today, in my case Slack stopped working on my macbook asking to upgrade to later macOS, Office complain that the updates are only for newer macOS, and so on)

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I am using Chilkat on M2 as we speak. It’s an absolute staple of a plugin for me.


After an extremely poor experience with the developer, I work to migrate all of my clients and friends off of the plugin.

Their docs are just specifically designed to google-bomb their way to the top and offer example code that looks like it works at face value. As soon as you run into a sticky situation, you’re out of luck.

Good luck getting the developer to believe it when you find a bug in their code.