BANano 6 Released

BANano is a 100% FREE B4X library to create Web Apps. It transpiles B4X source code to pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript. BANano gives you a set of tools to write wrappers for any framework you like (Bootstrap, Vue, React, jQuery, etc…). They are Open Source b4xlib plugins that can be used to create the UI in the B4X Abstract Designer.

Supports Hot Code Swapping (changing your code and Layouts at runtime and seeing the result immediately in the browser).

Online help:

Getting Started:

  1. Download the zip and unzip it.
  2. Copy all files from the /Library folder to your B4J libraries folder.
  3. Copy the b4xlib libraries you can find in the /BANanoLibraries folder to your B4J Additional Libraries folder (especially the Skeleton library found in /BANanoLibraries/Skeleton/Library)
  4. Copy the BANano Skeleton.b4xtemplate file from the /Templates folder to your B4J libraries folder. You can now pick it in the B4J New menu