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A question for those of you using B4X: Where is the documentation?

I want to use a control (in this case a tableview), where can I find a complete list of its properties, events and methods so that I can learn how to use it?

Either I am missing something very obvious or the documentation needs improving, a lot.

I found this B4x Library Documentation viewer | B4X Programming Forum, but I can’t find any information related to tableviews using that tool.



Something like this? I can only say: google for it. Only possible way

I googled before posting here.

No, that’s not at all complete, it’s just an example.


I know. Documentation is the big leak of B4J if you would ask me. Therefore Erel makes tons of tutorials

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Perhaps this helps

Did you try google for “B4J Documentation”? In this page is a link for all of the documentation available for B4J. an dure it is a list of properties, events and methods for the controls, included the TableView


Don’t use Google. There is a very good search engine in b4x.com.


Note that B4XTable is more powerful and is cross platform.

Declare an object variable and there is excellent intellisense once you put in a dot, on methods, properties, parameters return types as well as what the various methods/properties do/are.

(Actually, though I would have no idea about how to do this, it feels like since there is so much information given in the IDE that it should be possible to automatically generate documentation from it)

There are several such tools. Here is one: B4X Help Viewer | B4X Programming Forum
Personally, I always use b4x search when I’m looking for something.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

It’s an example (the same one that Thorsten posted).

Thank you. As I said, I had to be missing something obvious. I have checked many times that page, read the booklets etc, but never noticed the list of libraries below!

This is not what I was looking for.

Now, that, coming from you, sounds funny :grinning:

BTW, I am amazed by your work and how present you are everywhere. Kudos.


Its documentation seems to be missing:

These help pages will be removed at some point. The important tutorials are in the forum:
Search Results | B4X Programming Forum (see the first search result)