Avoiding the notch


developers can add a Boolean NSPrefersDisplaySafeAreaCompatibilityMode key to the info.plist file. If this key value is set to False, Finder will not use compatibility mode and if set to True, Finder always forces a compatibility mode that draws a black bar and reduces the effective display area a bit.’

Add a plist entry with that set to true

Thanks , I had spotted that, but:

a/ Isnt this the thing that makes the WHOLE screen scale so you get large top AND SIDE borders?
(not a bit… quite a lot)

b/ Didnt they whip the documentation for this away yesterday?

This doesnt seem to be the thing that keeps menus around the bar, but makes the notch a no-go area.

If there is they havent documented it for macOS yet
There’s no “Safe Areas” for macOS (yet) like there is for iOS

I found this:

On Macs that include a camera housing in the bezel, the auxiliaryTopLeftArea and auxiliaryTopRightArea properties of NSScreen contain the regions to the left and right of the camera housing. Use those properties and the visibleFrame property to determine where to display your content.

But I dont have anything I can apply to the mouse or my menus to account for this

Theres no straight forward way to make a Xojo window/menu etc take this into account and “do the right thing”
At best the plist entry exists but it just bumps the menu bar down below the camera as far as I know

The notes on NSScreen safe area insets is instructive

There just doesnt seem to be anything built into NSMenu to avoid the notch - yet

I would have an IDEA: when coming close to or over the notch there is a zoomed window under the notch wich shows where I am with my Mouse pointer. That’s it. Not so many lines of code

Dont follow…

the big problem here is there is no “mac” simulator… so if you don’t have a notched desktop, you have to “guess” that your code will deal with it the way you’d expect