ATC - Alt Tools Conference: Call for Speakers

INN will be having a virtual Alt Tools Conference! The conference will be held here like a regular conference, just virtual and COVID safe too!

If you have comments or questions please start a new thread.

If you’d like to speak, reply below what your topic might be knowing you might change it. Edit as you like over time. Almost any topic or demo is permitted.

Dates will be announced in the future likely in the first quarter of 2022.

Each talk will be a thread where the first post contains your talk in whatever format you’d like, but YouTube is preferred along with downloads if applicable. Discussions and Q&A will be replies in the same thread.

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I’m Hal Gumbert, a former Xojo user. I’ll be discussing Xanadu for PHP.

Xanadu is a framework for developing Database Driven Web Apps that uses PHP, MySQL, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, and Javascript with several amazing includes.

We’ve been developing Database Apps for decades with FileMaker and Xojo. FileMaker rocks but licensing became too expensive. Xojo has fantastic pricing, but is perpetually buggy. We had to find an alternative platform. PHP kept coming up in our searches. Long story short, we decided PHP is the best option just to get back to an affordable and solid platform.

I’m Thorsten Stueker, I will speak about the transition of Xojo Development to Java Application for Desktop and Web.

I am developer of medical devices and full fledged Engineer for the entire Devices Engineering - mechanical, electronically and Software. Since long time I am Java Programmer and long time I used Xojo for development of WebApps for Device controlling.


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