Are there any experts who can build an IDE like Xojo?


The subject says it all.

I had used extensively the now discontinued tool called Xero Coder.

It was a very powerful cross-platform Visual IDE but due to problems in the company the product died a mysterious death and the company also withered away.

But the good part is that the developers of Xero Coder had released the SDK along with its compiler as freeware. Something similar to C++ compiler released by Embarcadero.

I have the original IDE as well as the SDK.

If there are any experts who can build a Visual IDE and can guide me in getting started I would like to build a cross-platform IDE to use the Xero Coder’s SDK and compiler.

If someone is interested in helping please let me know.


You mean similar to this? [This is my GUI builder for SWIFT]

The problem is it would come at a cost that would not be feasible except for a sucessful commericial project


I started on a cross-platform drag-and-drop IDE, and the time commitment was too large back then. I was able to make a very basic framework that worked on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I didn’t try iOS or Android since this would take more time.

There seems to be quite a few alternatives that are in development (such as RADBasic) and other programs that are using a form designer. Would this be a competitor IDE to those who have been developing their language for a few years now?

What are your plans: Possibly to create a business, or is this a hobby project, or something else?

Yes something similar but for Desktop applications.

Though Xero Coded does have support for building mobile and web apps.

I have not thought about making is a business but what I want to build should be easy to use and cross-platform so other developers can use it be on Linux of MacOS.

Are there people who could do this ?
I would say there are

But the real question is are there people who can do this that have the time to do this ?
My guess is that trying to do it as “open source not paid for work” for anyone capable of doing it is not going to move very quickly, if at all.

Now IF there were prospects of getting paid for the work that might change that dramatically.
And I dont mean paid as "well you do the work and we split whatever we make 50/50

My experience is that part time projects get part time efforts and languish

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Any reference on google is +7 yeaars old… What kind of cross-platform can you have with a framework that old???

Not really

particularly seeing as (my opinion) unless you find someone that is willing to take it as a “passion project”… .something like this would cost you $25,000.00 to start…

Do check this compiled samples. They are small and I hope will give you some idea.

Here are some of the things that I like about Xero Coder.

  1. Support for multiple programming languages (Basic/C/Pascal/Java)
  2. Do less and get more (something similar to jQuery)
  3. Build stand along Exe for multiple platforms in one go.
  4. Powerful reporting engine (way better then what is provided by the latest version of xojo)
  5. Built in support OpenGL
  6. Can also build Android app.

If this product was so good, way was it discontinued 7 years ago as Ivan mentioned. That puts it way behind for macOS, but maybe not so much for Windows.

But at 7 years dead, its not even worth the time to look at today

@eugenedakin, your mention of RADBasic, led me to rediscover Steema teeChart ( as mentioned on this page ).

Interestingly (or not) for PHP developers, Steema also have a pure PHP implementation of teeChart.

I vaguely remember creating dashboards in Office/Access/Excel using these libraries many light-years (or was it parsecs) ago on life’s journey at a time when I was a young and arrogant Spreadsheet Jedi. Back then, in my naivety I believed all the worlds problems could be solved in a single worksheet with a misleading graph (laughing).

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Kind regards, Andrew

The product died due to dispute between partners.

Yes 7 years is a very long time in this field and now a days Macs are powered by M1 and M2 chipsets.

But even today the programs compiled in it run on Macs powered by x86 chipset.

Before posting here I just tested one of the software created in it in Ubuntu 22.04 and it is working.

My point is nobody is going to invest years of effort into supporting a product that is no longer under active developement. The reason it died is not important, the fact that it can still create apps for x86 macs is not important. The developement community needs/wants a tool where the vendor still has a vested interest in its continuing, and it is going to have to support Mx chipset. Rosetta is a “band-aid” that Apple might stop supporting in a few years.

So while I possibly could create the IDE you want, I personally cant see it happening… Not unless you have a TON of $$$ to make it worthwhile, which I doubt you do.


Actually I was looking at this project to be a community efforts.

But you are right I don’t have tons of $$$$ if I had I would have purchased this product from its creator. :wink:

Currently I am struggling on how to show a window as form to user and allow a user to put controls on it and set properties.

I just hope WaynePhillipsEA the developer of tB, open sources the IDE as he has promised. If he does I will be able to use it as a launching pad for developing the IDE I am thinking about!

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Only few IDEs work that way. Most of them just DRAW the elements.

An what community might you have in mind? I’m one to doubt that any member of this community would have extremely limited interest in the product let alone such a huge effort. Perhaps you might garner more interst on the “Xero Coder” forums

It is not the point of an IDE like Xojo. To rebuild Xojo you would have to rebuild also the Compiler. Or changing to something different like Swift what DaveS was doing. The Xojo IDE is needed only while there is no other chance for building and compiling with that language except the Xojo IDE. The Language itself has no compiler working offline but one working inside the IDE code. And so there is no real chance for building the IDE like Xojo. You can build an IDE like it but for which language (I am excepting Swift while there is none like DaveS is building and so that is a real good project). Xojo is without the compiler not functional. So even if you would have an IDE like that it would stop you at that point to build.

So you answered the title but didnt read the posts?

Is it possible he misread the initial question and interpreted it as “How to rebuild Xojo”

Which seems to me to be likely as thats roughly the question he answered

No need to toss grenades

What backend does it use? If it builds via clang or parts of it, as Xojo does now, the codegen would be modern enough to build for ARM/M1 as well.

The GUI part is the most work of it all. Xojo does a good job making the GUI look and work fairly well on all platforms, to the point where you can’t easily tell that it’s a Xojo-made app. OTOH, most other x-platform GUI builders are not native-centric enough to look good on all platforms. To get this done well, it requires a lot of work and knowledge of the platforms. Otherwise it’s just a toy that no one wants to invest in for anything serious, I’d think.