Apple started hiding the traffic of its own Mac apps

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Been reading this information from other sources .

Wow, if I read this right (and I think I did), if MS was doing a fraction of this there would be hell to pay. “MS is sending out info without users consent”, “MS is hiding telemetry data from the user”, “Why does MS needs to dial home and be constantly sending data from my computer”, and the list would go on. But Apple has the slogan “what happens on your iPhone stays in your iPhone” and everything is good. Maybe their slogan for BigSur is “What happens in your MAC stays at Apple”. :slight_smile: - What I mean to say is: none of these companies is really any different. They are all after one thing; money. And data is money. One may want to delude oneself to feel better about one company or the other; but they really are all the same.