App Wrapper 4.0.1 Alpha 1 - Improved Xojo Scripts for Xojo 2020r2.1

App Wrapper 4.0.1 Alpha 1 available now, with a redesigned Scripting page especially for Xojo 2020r2.1.

  • 🚀  Scripting Page to handle Xojo 2020r2.1 scripting mechanism.
  • 🛠  Progress: Action button is now right aligned with window.
  • 🛠  Script log command now supports "~".
  • 🛠  The Check routine now validates binary plist files.
  • ⭐️  Right click menu to the app info in the sidebar.
  • ⭐️  Can specify which version of App Wrapper is used for scripts.
  • ⭐️  Help links, which will show pages in App Wrapper's help.
  • ⭐️  View Info.plist to the right click menu in app info.

Example help links - These should work once this new version has been downloaded and opened.

I’m sorry, are your sure this is the correct link? :laughing:

In case of yes, I recommend to change it in the next Alpha. And fix it on the other forum too.


I am pretty sure that’s the correct link. If you have downloaded this alpha of AW4, you should be able to see it working.

What is wrong with shortening App Store Submission?

It’s technically the name of the anchor in that help page., the aw4://showHelp just tells AW4 to open it’s help and display that anchor.

Nothing “wrong” with it. Just some sophomoric punning. :slight_smile:


It ends up in a funny shortening :slight_smile:

  • Wrapping for App Store - showHelp wrapping For Ass
    I usually call that under wear or pants :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrapping for App Store might have been showHelp wrapping For Store


Oh, cut Sam some slacks here. :slight_smile:

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Typical… You guys make me the butt of the jokes.