App Store : Privacy Policy

In App Store Connect I have stated that “NO DATA IS COLLECTED” under PRODUCT PAGE REVIEW and DATATYPES on the APP PRIVACY page.

However it insists I need to create a Privacy Policy URL before I can submit the app to the store.

Isn’t that redundant? I’ve already indicated twice that nothing is collected… .now I have to host a single line webpage that says the same thing a third time?

I understand if I DID collect data, I’d have to explain what I collected, why I collected it and what I planned to do with it, but in the case of this app there IS Nothing, Nada , Zip.

Yeah, it is ridiculous, but it what it is.

They’re looking for something like what we have on our site. Basically a web page that can be ignored by Apple and App Store visitors.


There IS a difference between checking on Apple’s site that you do not collect user data, and PUBLICLY declaring it on your site.

I would have thought you could have figured that out …

A company can publicly declare on their site that they do not collect user data. However, in reality they do! Personally, I believe this corrupt behaviour sooner or later, turns against the company itself.

It is very unlikely that a customer who found out about this, will do business with that company in the future.

Not sure what this has to do with being required to state the same thing 3 times in 3 different places

I kind of like Apple’s policy of forcing developers to have a website. I can spot apps I don’t trust when they’re not open source but hosted on github pages, or have no information at all.

Edit: Rephrased because it’s a “me” policy, not necessarily a general standard.

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The difference is that companies that declare it on their website but lied can be sued by customers, competitors, control organs (eg state department), etc.

Worst that can happen if you “lie to Apple” is being chucked out of the App store.

So a big YES to the requirement for a website.

True Markus, but in either way, they shoot in their own foot.