App Icon on Raspberry Pi

I noticed that my application Icon shows up fine in MacOS and on Windows, but not on my RPI. I checked and every type of Icon size is occupied, and 3 .png files are part of the build and show up in the folder on the RPI.
However, when running the app on the RPI, the generic icon shows instead of my app icon.

Is there a “trick” to getting the app icon to appear on an RPI?

Its linux
And linux associates the icon in a screwy way

let me see if I can find a suitable post from Tim Jones

cant find one specifically but this gives you some ideas

Thanks, Norm. That led me to the solution:

You’d think Xojo could make that launcher file…

it has no idea what absolute path where you will install the app though ?

That’s weird that the launcher needs an absolute path!

lots of stuff in linux uses absolute paths :slight_smile:

about the BEST the IDE could do is write on and leave that entry set in a way it would OBVIOUSLY fail or something with a comment that you need to fill it in

But thats part of the ethos around linux
Its not an “end consumer desktop” - its a hackers OS and so you get used to configuring all this stuff

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